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It's difficult for emerging artists and music producers to gain recognition if they don't know how to promote their music strategically. But there is good news - this is where Feiyr comes into play! Register online, upload your music and your songs will go live in 300 online shops worldwide, such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play and many more.

Your music will be distributed not only in Germany, Italy and France, but it will be available in America, Asia, and all over the world!
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It doesn’t matter what type of music you produce - online you will always find the right target group. It doesn't matter if you play rock, pop, hip-hop, techno, classical or folk music. All you need is self-confidence - and our marketing advice, of course.

We will bring your release to all relevant online shops, such as Amazon and iTunes, as well as streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and many more. Feiyr's digital music distribution is not only simple, but also fair. There are no hidden costs and you keep 80% of your music net sales.

Start now selling your music online. Create your account, upload your tracks and start earning money. Increase your music's discoverability and sales with our professional marketing guidance. Our professional multilingual support team will guide you through the release process.

This is how Feiyr's digital distribution works. Sell and promote your music online now!
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