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  • -YouTube is among the most popular social networks worldwide.
    Figures show it imposingly: YouTube users consume about 6 billion hours of videos every month.
  • -The community provides approximately 300 hours of video material per minute – and thereby earns money.
  • -Here, Feiyr is one of the biggest suppliers of exclusive content – and thus the basis for your financial success on YouTube.
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YouTube Partner Programm - Earn Money with YouTube

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Earn money with YouTube

Generate advertising revenues with the partner program

If you run one or several YouTube accounts yourself, you can have these videos monetized through Feiyr and earn money with it. The evaluation of videos means that YouTube remunerates you the advertising revenues, which have been achieved through your videos, at your Feiyr account.
Feiyr stays with its fingers on the pulse of current affairs and constantly develops new strategies to optimize its partner’s financial potential.

What's the amount of revenues?

The amount of revenues YouTube generates depends on different factors, for example the number of clicks on your videos.
Through a partnership with Feiyr you influence these factors essentially. With the Feiyr multi-channel network you got a strong community behind you whose steady development also affects your financial success positively.
So it is possible to earn several hundred to thousands of Euros in one month – and who knows…
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