Price List Per Product Category

Feiyr's prices to sell music and eBooks are fair and there are no hidden costs, here you can find all of them. After registering, you can look at the prices and get all the necessary information. You only have to pay €9.90 to activate your account; you have to activate your account only when and if you decide to publish your songs and eBooks. Until that moment you can test the Feiyr account for free. If you don't want to use your account, you don't have to pay anything.

  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 80% For You, 20% For Feiyr
  • -Release Irrespective of Stores Selected: 2.36€
  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 90% for you, 10% for Feiyr
  • -Publication of eBooks Irrespective of Stores Selected: 0.00€
  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 80% For You, 20% For Feiyr
  • -Release Irrespective of Stores Selected: 2.36€

Product and Service Portfolio

We would like to give you an overview on our product and service portfolio. If you want to get more information on a certain topic, just create a free Feiyr account and look at Feiyr's online music promotion features. If you have further questions, please contact our support team.
Distribution and Genres

Distribution and Genres

  • -Music
  • -Audio Books
  • -Radio Plays
  • -eBooks
  • -Children's Songs
  • -Children`s Radio Plays
  • -Comedy / Cabaret
  • -All Kind of Special Audio Products, e.g. Advisories, Hypnosis, Educational, etc.
  • -Vinyl Pressing incl. worldwide distribution
  • -eBook selfpublisher, self publishing and indie authors
  • -Pop
  • -Rock
  • -Dance
  • -Classical
  • -World Music
  • -Country and Folk
  • -...and all other music styles in the world
Revenues and Analysis

Revenues and Analysis

  • -Online account for daily payouts and incoming payments
  • -Complete online statistics including sales, territories, played tracks and seen bundles
  • -Live Sales Tool: Real-time Sales Reports
  • -Complete analysis of your YouTube videos as well as of all your songs used in others' YouTube videos
  • -Participation in YouTube Content ID Program and sales revenue analysis
  • -Song Tracking – We will find your song on hundreds of TV and radio stations as well as on millions of websites
  • -Spotify-Streaming Live Sales



  • -Professional studio mastering of your tracks
  • -Licensing and publishing of your tracks in compilations
  • -Automatic online compilation licensing and management system
  • -Vinyl Pressing Service Including Worldwide Distribution
  • -iTunes charts tracking
  • -iTunes Widget Builder
  • -Email notification when iTunes publishes your bundle
  • -Free online Beatport label application + submission
  • -Beatport tracking for artist and label followers
  • -Beatport chart alert for genre and DJ-charts
  • -Email notification when Beatport publishes your bundle
  • -UGC - 3rd Party Compilations: Create your own compilation and license other users' tracks
  • -Track booking on Feiyr compilations
  • -Create download codes for your bundles and eBooks to give to fans and friends


  • -Certified YouTube Partner
  • -Participation in YouTube Content ID Program
  • -Automatic video creation
  • -Comprehensive video statistics and analysis
  • -Free YouTube channel connection and evaluation
  • -Personalized YouTube video creation
  • -Google Music Key Streaming Service
Graphics and Design

Graphics and Design

  • -30 million cover artworks that you can search and order online
  • -Cover artwork design
  • -Design of Label & Artist Logo
  • -Ad creation and placement in print
  • -Banner Ad Creation and Placement
  • -Printing of download codes for eBooks and bundles
  • -Printing of personalized products such as flyers, posters, business cards and many more


  • -Sound Archive Promotion
  • -National and international press releases to over 6.500 accredited journalists and 10.000 daily receivers
  • -Label Copy Creation
  • -Free and automatic email promotion with address pool and extensive online analysis
  • -Radio promotion: Reach more than 1.300 radio stations and get detailed reports
  • -DJ/Dance-Charts promotion with detailed reports
  • -Premium DJ Pool promotion campaign with detailed reports
  • -Worldwide dance radio station promotion with statistics
  • -Print media campaign: Reach more than 1.380 newspapers and music magazines
  • -Online media campaign including more than 850 important addresses
  • -TV and film promotion with more than 330 contacts
  • -Public broadcaster campaign Germany (e.g. ARD and ZDF)
  • -Vinyl promo copy – single unit production of your track
  • -CD pressing starting from 30 copies
  • -
  • -Creation of artist pictures & galleries at iTunes
  • -Shazam connection to your songs
  • -Placement of newsletters with over 200,000 subscribers
  • -SoundCloud connection for the up-and download of your music via your Feiyr account
  • -Automated homepages for artists and labels, free of charge
  • -Facebook promotion
  • -Free SoundCloud account for unlimited uploads to SoundCloud
  • -Automated transfer to MyVideo