Our Price List Digital Distribution

Feiyr's prices are fair - here you have them listed. After registering, have a look at the price list and collect all the necessary information. Whenever you decide to activate your account, you will pay €9.90. Before, you can test your account for free. If you decide not to activate your account, you won't pay anything.

  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 80% For You, 20% For Feiyr
  • -Release Irrespective of Stores Selected: 2.36€
  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 90% for you, 10% for Feiyr
  • -Publication of eBooks Irrespective of Stores Selected: 0.00€
  • -Registration €0,00
  • -Account Activation (One Time Fee) 9.90€
  • -Monthly Costs 0.00€
  • -Annual Costs 0.00€
  • -Revenue Sharing 80% For You, 20% For Feiyr
  • -Release Irrespective of Stores Selected: 2.36€

Product and Service Portfolio

Here you have an overview of our service portfolio. If you want to find out more about a specific topic, register for free and take a look at our music promotion tools. Should you have any other questions, please get in touch with our support team.
Distribution and Genres

Distribution and Genres

  • -Music
  • -Audio Books
  • -Radio Plays
  • -eBooks
  • -Children's Songs
  • -Children`s Radio Plays
  • -Comedy / Cabaret
  • -All Kind of Special Audio Products, e.g. Advisories, Hypnosis, Educational, etc.
  • -Vinyl Pressing incl. worldwide distribution
  • -eBook selfpublisher, self publishing and indie authors
  • -Pop
  • -Rock
  • -Dance
  • -Classical
  • -World Music
  • -Country and Folk
  • -...and all other music styles in the world
Revenues and Analysis

Revenues and Analysis

  • -Online account for daily payouts and incoming payments
  • -Complete online statistics including sales, territories, played tracks and seen bundles
  • -Live Sales Tool: Real-time Sales Reports
  • -Complete analysis of your YouTube videos as well as of all your songs used in others' YouTube videos
  • -Participation in YouTube Content ID Program and sales revenue analysis
  • -Song Tracking – We will find your song on hundreds of TV and radio stations as well as on millions of websites
  • -Spotify-Streaming Live Sales



  • -Professional studio mastering of your tracks
  • -Licensing and publishing of your tracks in compilations
  • -Automatic online compilation licensing and management system
  • -Vinyl Pressing Service Including Worldwide Distribution
  • -iTunes charts tracking
  • -iTunes Widget Builder
  • -Email notification when iTunes publishes your bundle
  • -Free online Beatport label application + submission
  • -Beatport tracking for artist and label followers
  • -Beatport chart alert for genre and DJ-charts
  • -Email notification when Beatport publishes your bundle
  • -UGC - 3rd Party Compilations: Create your own compilation and license other users' tracks
  • -Track booking on Feiyr compilations
  • -Create download codes for your bundles and eBooks to give to fans and friends


  • -Certified YouTube Partner
  • -Participation in YouTube Content ID Program
  • -Automatic video creation
  • -Comprehensive video statistics and analysis
  • -Free YouTube channel connection and evaluation
  • -Personalized YouTube video creation
  • -Google Music Key Streaming Service
Graphics and Design

Graphics and Design

  • -30 million cover artworks that you can search and order online
  • -Cover artwork design
  • -Design of Label & Artist Logo
  • -Ad creation and placement in print
  • -Banner Ad Creation and Placement
  • -Printing of download codes for eBooks and bundles
  • -Printing of personalized products such as flyers, posters, business cards and many more


  • -Sound Archive Promotion
  • -National and international press releases to over 6.500 accredited journalists and 10.000 daily receivers
  • -Label Copy Creation
  • -Free and automatic email promotion with address pool and extensive online analysis
  • -Radio promotion: Reach more than 1.300 radio stations and get detailed reports
  • -DJ/Dance-Charts promotion with detailed reports
  • -Premium DJ Pool promotion campaign with detailed reports
  • -Worldwide dance radio station promotion with statistics
  • -Print media campaign: Reach more than 1.380 newspapers and music magazines
  • -Online media campaign including more than 850 important addresses
  • -TV and film promotion with more than 330 contacts
  • -Public broadcaster campaign Germany (e.g. ARD and ZDF)
  • -Vinyl promo copy – single unit production of your track
  • -CD pressing starting from 30 copies
  • -
  • -Creation of artist pictures & galleries at iTunes
  • -Shazam connection to your songs
  • -Placement of newsletters with over 200,000 subscribers
  • -SoundCloud connection for the up-and download of your music via your Feiyr account
  • -Automated homepages for artists and labels, free of charge
  • -Facebook promotion
  • -Free SoundCloud account for unlimited uploads to SoundCloud
  • -Automated transfer to MyVideo