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You want to promote your label, releases, and artists on Beatport? There you go with a few promotional tools.
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Label Page

On Beatport, labels can have their own label page with logo. Get started today by sending us your Beatport label application, it's a free service.

Artist Page

You can have your own artist page on Beatport. Here you have few and yet very important requirements:
1) You need a professional artist photo.
2) The size of the photo needs to be 590×404 JPG.

DJ Charts

All major labels, DJs and clubs use Beatport's DJ Chart as a promotion tool. Join them now and create your own DJ Chart!

There is a prerequisite though: your music has to be already on Beatport, otherwise neither DJ profile nor DJ chart can be created.
If your music is not on Beatport yet, you can send us your label application.

Music Live Trends

Thanks to our Live Sales tool you can track the preliminary Beatport sales figures of your tracks and releases. Please note that these figures can be verified and changed by Beatport retroactively.

Beatport Top 100 | DJ Chart Tracking

Thanks to this Feiyr tool, you will be able to check whether one of your tracks counted towards Beatport's Top 100 and DJ charts! You will get an email if one of your songs made the Beatport charts.

Beatport DJ Charts
Beatport Top 100

Beatport Mixes

This tool allows you to legally sell your DJ mixes on Beatport. All the titles of your DJ mix must have been purchased on Beatport, so it is guaranteed that artists and labels will get royalties off sales of your mix.
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