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Here, it’s all about music promotion.

In the era of digital music and social media, there are plenty of opportunities for musicians and labels to promote their music. What are the most effective ways to promote music though? Here below, we will show you Feiyr's best promotion and marketing tools.

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Radio Promotion

If you are a musician, radio airplay is one of the most important ways to measure the success of your music. If you don't have the right contacts though, your song has little chance of being played by major radio stations - that is why you need the support of a professional promoter.

Feiyr provides you with the expertise and network of experienced radio promoters.

MPN Campaign

MPN (Music Promotion Network) is the premier platform to promote your music to a wide range of professionals in the media industry. The MPN registration is a prerequisite for airplay.

At Feiyr, you can book a radio campaign and reach over 1,300 professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Radio editors and media partners will have access to your album including cover artwork, audio sample and bio for 90 days.

Feiyr Link-it!

Feiyr Link-it! allows you to promote your release online. Gather all relevant shop-links in one and pilot your fans through their favorite portals.

At the same time, you can get relevant insights into your community’s behavior (e.g. what is your fans’ favorite shop?) and use this information for your future advertising campaigns. All you need is a released release.

Press Release

You would like to grow your social media presence and build a network of contacts? Write your own press release and reach journalists from Bild-Zeitung, RTL exklusiv, Focus, Spiegel Online, Rolling Stone,, DJ-Mag, and many more.

All you need is a released release or eBook and a press text that we will send to Germany's leading news service to get it in front of more than 6,500 journalists and over 10,000 readers.

UGC Compilation

Music licensing is a complicated process involving multiple endeavors. Getting permission to use copyright protected music is potentially difficult and time-consuming.

With our UGC Compilations, we offer you an easy way to license other users’ tracks. Listen to our music catalog and select premium tracks for your compilation!

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos.

Join Feiyr Multi Channel Network to earn money from advertisements and paid subscriptions. By opting in for Feiyr YouTube Partner Program, you will gain access to new functions in YouTube Backend. Besides, you will have additional revenue opportunities that may contribute to higher overall earnings for your channel.

Feiyr Spotify Add-it!

With our promotion tool Feiyr Spotify Add-it! you can promote your newest release even when you are still in the pre-sales stage. You can easily generate a link through which your fans can add your release to their Spotify playlists. As soon as the release is released it will be shown in the Spotify playlist.
Of course you will also get statistics about how often the release is added to a playlist.

Feiyr Link-it! and Feiyr Spotify Add-it! complement each other ideally and are the perfect tools for your music promotion.

Create Your own Homepage

With Feiyr you can build your own website for free. All you need is a picture of you or a logo of your label/publisher - you can create a webpage for you as an artist/author as well as for your label/publisher. Of course your website represents the state of the art:

Responsive layout, that adjusts to all devices
• Releases will be automatically displayed with shoplinks
Events (concerts, readings, etc.) can be displayed

Take the opportunity to get additional online presence in an easy way and increase your global reach.

Reviews for Your Ebook with NetgGlley

Online reviews are the modern version of word-of-mouth recommendations and with this an important part of your eBook's success. Potential buyers trust in honest reviews, which means that they can influence the purchase decision significantly.

NetGalley is a network of book publishers, reviewers, media representatives, librarians, booksellers, self-publishers, bloggers and teachers. With Feiyr and NetGalley you can collect valuable reviews and respectively recommendations for your publications.

Your Advertisements on Amazon

You can advertise your eBooks and books effortlessly through Feiyr and Amazon Marketing Services and reach more potential buyers. If you highlight your publication in the Amazon online shop you can increase your visibility and maximize your revenue.

You can choose between the Headline Search Campaign and the Sponsored Products Campaign. Your eBook or book will be shown either on the first search results page or among the the search results.
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