Press Review No record deal? Feiyr is helping you out No record deal? Feiyr is helping you out

Just finished recording your new album but still no record deal signed? No big problem any longer - since Feiyr is on the market. The distribution company will help you to sell and promote your music successfully.
Classic Rock Magazine is now also reporting about this fact:
Feiyr is currently distributing more than 1.6 million tracks, 270.000 albums and 26.000 labels.

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Jetzt Starten! Feiyr brings your music to download and streaming platforms Feiyr brings your music to download and streaming platforms

The straight-forward process of selling and promoting your music via Feiyr has now also been considered noteworthy by the well-known Keys Magazine: Link to Article
Most readers of Keys Magazine are producers and studio musicians.

More infos about Feiyr and its service under: Sell your own music easily Sell your own music easily

Lots of the early productions and mixtapes of nowadays well-known artists have been created with minimal effort and budget. This should also apply when it comes to bring your music to the global audience.
HipHop & Rap magazine Juice has come to the result that Feiyr is the perfect partner for this task:

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Creative output doesn't seem to be the big problem for lots of artist. But many of them do not know how to sell and spread their freshly produced tracks online. The well-known Spex Magazine now shares the opinion that Feiyr is the perfect tool for this kind of task.

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One of the most well-known german magazines for the electronic music scene recently wrote about Feiyr: Faze Magazin
Feiyr is offering you to sell your music on more than 300 online shops and streaming platforms. Besides that, Feiyr provides access to lots of promotional tools, which are especially interesting for electronic artists.

Here's what Faze Mag wrote about Feiyr:
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No recording label? Sell music without label? Distribute music on the internet? Self-marketing?

Many questions and no answers …
Have a look at the report of, there you will get many helpful information.
Feiyr is also part of it, the platform offers you everything you need to self-actualize. / Feiyr Portfolio