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Independents Once Again Market Leader in 2017
In 2017 independent musicians and labels have the biggest revenue share in the music business once again. Indies could achieve 32.2 % in the recorded music sector and took the 2nd place with 28.4 % in the digital sector.

Indie artists also keep ahead in the publishing field. The total revenue accounts for remarkable 4.92 billion, the majority coming from streaming. 4...
Increase Your Book Sales on Amazon
Achieve more visibility for your book, audio book or radio play on Amazon in order to boost your sales! Through Feiyr you can easily advertise your books with Amazon Marketing Services so more potential buyers can see your books. Amazon has millions of products and buyers, which makes it hard sometimes to get the attention your book deserves.

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Feiyr @ VUT meets Musicians BBQ in Stuttgart
On 18th June 2018 VUT Süd invites you to join their VUT meets Musicians BBQ. You get to attend keynote speeches of the GEMA as well as on topics like music promotion, combined with networking in a friendly group while having relaxed BBQ and beer.

The Musicians BBQ takes place in Stuttgart:
Club Zentral
Hohe Str. 9
70174 Stuttgart

Of course Feiyr is als...
New Music Streaming Service: YouTube Music
On 22nd May YouTube started their new music streaming service called "YouTube Music". The service will be available at first in the following countries: USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. With YouTube Music you can not only stream millions of songs for free (singles, albums and remixes), but you can also watch music videos, live recordings and other rare stuff, that you can only see on youTube. Furthermore you can f...
Feiyr @ KLANGfest 2018 in Munich
On Saturday, 19th May 2018 the 9th KLANGfestival starts again in Munich. The KLANGfest is a combination of concerts (free entrance) and an exhibition of independent Bavarian music companies and therefore very special in the Munich festival scene.

At the "CD salon" you can get to know more about music companies and attend a panel discussion with representatives of the music industry.

Of course Feiyr will ...
German Selfpublishing Award 2018 - Be Part of It!
This year once again the literary prize for the best selfpublished book will be awarded. Use the chance and apply for the award, maybe you will be the next award winner of the German Selfpublishing Award 2018. There will be two different awards , one award given by the jury with a prize money of € 10,000.-- and an additional media package worth € 80,000.-- and an award given by the audience with a prize money of € 2,000.--.