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Feiyr User Compilation
Compilations are the fastest-growing part of the music market: in fact, compilation sales are now soaring more than ever before.

You are looking for a way to boost your music sales and increase your fan base?

Then, get your track in one of our new summer compilations!
Our team will evaluate your request and add your song to the right compilation as quickly as possible.

Find out more about the...
Feiyr Account: Export Function Download Codes
We have added a new feature to the Feiyr account’s download code tool: the export list of email addresses.

You can distribute download codes among your fans so they can go to feiyr.com/voucher, insert the code and download one of your bundles free of charge. You can choose the quality and decide if they have to enter their email addresses.

You can now export collected email addresses into an Excel sheet. Engage ...
Feiyr Account: Digital & Print Packet
Whether we like it or not, readers do judge books by their covers. The first thing they meet when they come across new book is its covers, and by looking at them, they get the first impression about the book itself.

A book cover represents an author and his/her book, and it is therefore an important marketing tool. The more appealing your cover art is the more chances you have to draw attention to your book.

There is ...
Radio Promotion
A new service is available in your Feiyr account: the radio promotion.

If you are a musician, radio airplay is one of the most important ways to measure the success of your music. However, without the right contacts, your song has little chance of being played by major radio stations.

That’s why you need the support of a professional promoter! Our professional radio promoters have the right expert...
Zukunftsmusik Storms the Charts
The long-awaited album by DJ Hell is out now!

Zukunftsmusik” stormed the Amazon and iTunes charts on the first day of its release:

#1 on A...
Self-Publishing Day 2017
The Self-Publishing Day is taking place on June 10 in Hamburg.

Feiyr is attending the event once again and is looking forward to interesting meetings!

You are going to attend the event too? Then, we would be happy if you came by our booth!

Here you can find out more about the Self-Publishing Day (in Ge...