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If you create digital music, you can't do without streaming services, and Spotify is one of the most important ones. Here we briefly summarized all the possibilities you have for promoting your music on the streaming service.
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From Start-Up to Big Player

Publish Your Songs on Spotify

Founded in Sweden in 2006, Spotify has become a big player in the digital music market and boasts now over 40 million tracks.
Besides the 'freemium' model, there’s also an ad-free subscription service for €9.90 a month. Currently, premium users amount to over 70 millions (01/2018).

Feiyr has been delivering content to the platform for many years. Register to get your music on Spotify!

Payment and Live Sales

Spotify pays out nearly 70% of its total revenue to rights holders. However, that 70% is split amongst the rights holders in accordance with the popularity of their music on the service. Spotify does not calculate royalties based upon a fixed “per play” rate.
Spotify Monthly Revenue
Ratio of Artists streams and total Spotify streams
70% to master & publishing owners
Artist's royalty rate
Payment of proceeds* to the artist
Source: Spotify (04.12.14)
Check the latest figures and statistics of your content on Spotify with our Feiyr Live-Sales-Tool.

Your Spotify Promotion with Feiyr Spotify Add-it!

Feiyr Spotify Add-it! is the counterpart of presales on download platforms. You can generate a link which enables your fans to add your release to their Spotify playlist even before the release date. All tracks of your release are then automatically added to the playlist once your release is released.

Furthermore you get statistics on how often a release was added to a playlist through that link. Thus Feiyr Spotify Add-it! is an essential promotion tool before your release date.

In order to push your songs after the release date you can use Feiyr Link-it! to continue to run marketing campaigns. You can combine all shop links of your release in just one compact link, which can easily be shared on all your social media channels. Of course you get statistics, too.

Feiyr Spotify Add-it! and Feiyr Link-it! are the ultimate promotion package, to make your music marketing campaign a success.

Here you can find more information about our other promotion tools

Artist Profile

If you have an Artist Profile on Spotify you have the possibility to share your music with existing fans as well as find new ones. To create a Spotify Artist Profile, you need a standard Spotify account. If you do not have an Artist Profile yet, you can register with your email address or use your Facebook account and create your free Artist Profile.

Once you have created your profile, please fill out Spotify's Verification Form.

To register, you need at least one release on Spotify, an artist image (square, .jpg) and a Twitter account.

Notifications and E-Mails

As soon as Spotify has verified your Artist Profile, your followers will automatically receive notifications on any of your Spotify activities. Whenever you release a new song, create a playlist or share a track, you followers will be notified via email or will see the notification.

Create a Playlist

Playlists are a simple and powerful way to build your audience.

To create a new playlist click “+ New Playlist” in the left hand navigation bar. Give your playlist a name and hit enter. Add a song to a playlist by dragging & dropping the song into the playlist in the left hand navigation bar.

Interactive playlists are a nice way to exchange content with your community. Allow your followers to participate in selecting their favorite tracks. Create a new playlist, right-click on it and select “collaborative playlist”. Share this new playlist with your fans and invite them to add their songs.

Get Followed

Once your artist profile has been verified, it’s easy to share your content. To share a release, a track or a playlist, right-click on the element and then on “Share…”. Add a personal message to your post and select the social media platform where you want to publish it.

You can give your fans direct access to your music adding the Spotify Play Button to your website. This is a short piece of code that can be placed on any web-pages, allowing you to create a music player quickly and easily.
Users can then listen to your Spotify playlists, tracks and discography without ever having to leave your website. Just right-click on the playlist, track or album you want to share. Choose ‘Copy Embed Code’ and the code will be copied to your clipboard.

The same applies to Spotify's Follow button. For detailed information, please click here.
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