Sell songs online - Pricelist

The price structure is very simple to sell songs and eBooks online and without hidden costs.
Here you see an excerpt of the main costs. The registration is for free, there are no recuring costs.
The activation of a feiyr- account costs a one-time charge of 9.90€. This fee has to be payed once you decide to publish a music release or an eBook on Feiyr.
Until then, you can use and test the Feiyr account for free. If you decide not to start publishing on Feiyr you will never have to pay anything.

Cost example for song or eBook distribution online:

Registration 0.00 €
Account Activation (one-time, on due before publishing) 9.90 €
Monthly charges 0.00 €
Annual cost 0.00 €
Revenue sharing (income) 80 % You, 20 % Feiyr

Publication of a bundle irrespective of type or portals: 2,36 €.

Publication of an eBook, no matter how big or which portals: € 4.95

You can see a detailed price list on all available services and features after the free registration.
Start today your digital distribution.

In case of early cancellation of bundles or eBooks may be a fee.

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