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Did you know that 13 out of 14 books sold are printed books? You should use this potential! Therefore, as a print on demand provider, Feiyr enables you to publish your eBooks as printed books quickly and without risk in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your own book will be printed either individually or in a small quantity, as soon as an order is placed at one of our partner stores, such as Amazon, Thalia, Hugendubel & Co., or at a bookseller. Your book can therefore be ordered at any time and is permanently available. Your benefits:
You define the sales price
Low printing costs
Personal contact person
No financial outlay
No contractual obligation
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You Have an eBook and Want to Sell It as a Book, Too?

With Feiyr you not only have a competent sales partner to publish our own eBook worldwide, but additionally your printed book in the whole book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And everything without a big publishing firm. Adding to this, you are completely independent as a self-publisher and can also distribute foreign-language books. At Feiyr, you also have a personal contact person who will advise you on all matters concerning the print-on-demand process.

Why Sell eBooks and Print on Demand Books

Everyone has their own preferences. One would rather have a real book in his hand. Another prefers to have all his books in a handy eBook reader. Providing both eBook and printed book, you can achieve the full potential and serve all audiences. The big advantage for you with Print on Demand: Whether only one book or several books were sold, we will produce exactly the number that was sold with no minimum circulation. The printing costs will be charged directly to your proceeds - so you have no risk and do not have to go in advance for printing. For you a huge costs saver.

Everything According to Your Wishes

We distribute your individual book. You as an independent author determine everything from the book format, the page number, to the paper quality, black and white, or 4-color printing, etc. We list your book in the VLB (directory of available books), so that the entire book trade in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as all known online shops like Amazon, Thalia, Weltbild, & Co. can access and sell your publication.

Feiyr - Your Professional Print on Demand Provider

We not only support you with the right choice of format and paper. Upon request, our graphic design team will also create a professional and custom book cover, according to your wishes. In addition, you can also order author copies and use them for for your advertising and marketing purposes. Take advantage of our strong international distribution network and sell your self-published print on demand books.




What Is Print on Demand and What Is the Process?

With the Print on Demand process, you can easily and inexpensively sell your eBook as a printed book throughout the book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Once an order is received, the book will be printed and then sent directly to the customer or reseller. You do not have to pre-print and stock books, and respectively you do not have to pay in advance.

How Much Is the Publication Fee and How High Are the Printing Costs?

The publication of a print on demand book costs a one-time fee of € 9.90. Otherwise you will incur no further costs in advance. The printing costs depend on various factors, e.g. cover, page number, paper quality, 4-color or black and white printing, format, etc. Standard DIN formats cost less than special formats. You will receive the printing costs and your proceeds in advance and can accept or reject them. Since your book will not be printed until it has been ordered, you do not have to pay the printing costs in advance. They will be offset with your proceeds, which will then be credited to your Feiyr account.

How Much Money Can I Earn with PoD?

With us you get 80% of the net-proceeds*. Depending on how high you set your sales price and which version you choose for your book (cover, coating, 4-color or black and white printing, etc.), you will of course earn more or less. Please note that the online shops retain a fee for selling. Before you confirm the order, you will get the costs and the proceeds calculated from us in advance, you can then confirm or reject the price.

Who Determines the Selling Price?

You as a self-publisher or indie author specify the selling price all by yourself. Please note, the higher the selling price, the lower the willingness of consumers to buy. If you are not sure how high you should set the price, research what the average price in your genre is.

Where Can My Book be Bought? Online or in Actual Book Stores?

When you publish your Print on Demand book through Feiyr, your book will be listed with the leading book wholesale distributors KNV, Libri and Umbreit. Thus, your book is available at any time throughout the book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course we also include the big online shops like Amazon, Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, and many more.

Do I Need a Publishing House for Publishing with PoD?

No, as a self-publisher or indie author you do not need a large publisher. You have to specify our own publishing house, for which you can simply choose your desired publisher's name. But you do not really have to start your own publishing house (but of course you can, if you want). Popular publisher names are those in which your name appears, or the subject or genre in which you are at home.

Please take care not to enter a publisher you are not actually with.

Do I Need an ISBN Number for My PoD Book?

Yes, every book needs a unique ISBN number. If you're publishing a book and eBook at the same time, you'll need your own ISBN for both of them, even if they have the same content and cover. During the publishing process you will be assigned an ISBN. You can not use your own ISBN, when using PoD.

Where Can I Get a Professional Book Cover?

Upon request, our graphic design team will work with you to create a professional and individual cover, tailored to your likings and genre. We are also happy to assist you in the creation of promotional materials, such as business cards, flyers, banners, and much more. Of course, you can also have your cover created by your own graphic designer.

Can I Publish My Book under a Pen Name?

Yes, of course you can publish your book under a pen name or name. You can even use multiple aliases if you're writing books in different genres. But you should always make sure that your desired pen name is not already used. You definitely want to avoid someone writing erotic novels under the same name while you're a children's book author. You should also refrain from academic titles if you do not actually have one.

Does My Book Also Need an Imprint for Print on Demand?

Yes, you definitely need an imprint for your book, this is not a voluntary statement. The imprint is obligatory even if you publish your book under a pen name. It must be ensured that the reader receives information about the author and publisher. If you publish under a pen name, you still do not have to enter your real name, you can alternatively just enter your publisher's name.

Which Format Does My Book Have? Hardcover or Softcover?

You can set this individually. You can determine both the length and height individually. You can also determine the coating and paper type yourself. Of course it is also possible to print colored pages.
We currently only offer softcover as print on demand. Unfortunately we can not print hardcover books at the moment.

How Can I Best Advertise My Book?

As an experienced digital distributor, we have many tips and tools for you. If you're an indie author who publishes a new book on the market, it is really important that you also advertise. There is a large number of books published on the market annually, it is not enough just to be online.

We therefore offer you many promotion tools, e.g. press releases, Amazon advertising and book reviews. In addition, our competent graphic design team is at your side to help you with the cover creation and the advertising material. You can also get lots of tips on our book blog
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