How Do I Sell
eBooks & Print on Demand Books Online?

Lucky for authors, the book market has significantly changed in recent years. Nowadays, if you are a writer, you no longer need to convince publishers to work with you if you want to get your book published. Thanks to self-publishing, you can sell and distribute your eBooks on your own. Feiyr is now one of the major platforms for publishing and distributing eBooks, Print on Demand books, audiobooks and radio plays. Besides, authors and publishers receive full support on their way to self-publishing.
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How can I publish and sell my eBook online?

Write your book
Upload your data to
We convert your text data into ePub data
We distribute your eBook online
Earn money with your own eBook

Feiyr - the Tailor-Made Solution for Your eBooks incl. Print on Demand Service

Digital Distribution for Your Own eBook

What makes a book successful? It's up to you as an author to decide. Maybe it's the release? Or the number of downloads? Whatever your goal is, Feiyr is the ideal platform for you.

Easy Access for Authors

Our system has been made as simple as possible. Everything starts at You can register and then upload and publish your eBook straightaway.

Large Distribution Network for Your Released eBook

We distribute your eBook to all the major shops and with this we make sure that it is available on Tolino, Amazon Kindle, the iBooks Store and many more. In this way, millions of potential readers have access to your eBook.

The Complete Self-Publishing Package

You want to self-publish your book, audio book or radio play in the world's biggest bookstores? We offer the complete self-publishing package for your printed books. We can distribute your books to Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, and many more. Thanks to our exclusive partnership, you can publish and profit on Amazon too. We also offer a distribution to all book wholesalers and list your printed books in the VLB register (VLB is the official catalogue of German books in print). In this way, the whole book market will have access to your books. If needed, we can print your books and manufacture your audiobooks as well.

Web to Print - Your Book in the Book Trade

You want to sell your own book in bookstores - but you don't know how to get it to book retailing? Thanks to our Print on Demand Service you can get your physical books printed fast and easy for each order. Furthermore your books will be listed in the VLB, which makes your book available in the book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You'd rather want to start with small editions? No Problem! With Nova MD, you can! By working with our physical book distribution service you can sell your book online and in stores - without the need of a big publishing house.

Sell Your Audiobooks Online in the Biggest Stores

You can read a book, or listen to it. The audiobook market is growing fast, and Amazon's Audible is the largest audio book retailer and producer on the market. The best way to sell your audio book in the biggest audiobook stores ? Feiyr ! With Feiyr you can distribute your audiobooks to Audible as well as to many other shops worldwide.

Our Distribution Partners Digital eBook

We cooperate with leading platforms worldwide to support your selfpublishing project in the best way possible.

With Feiyr, you have an experienced partner and one of the biggest distribution network worldwide on your side. We have been expanding this network for 20 years and created direct interfaces. You can also distribute your print books through us.

Distribution Partners Printed Books


Do you have questions about publishing eBooks as a self-publisher? Here are answers to the most common questions

How Does Publishing an Ebook Work?

It's easy! You create a Feiyr account and can then test everything for free in advance. Once you've activated your account, you can start publishing. You enter all the data to your eBook, upload the eBook and the cover and you've almost made it. Before publication, everything is reviewed again on completeness and correctness, and within a short time your eBook is available in more than 150 shops worldwide.

How Much Does an Ebook Release Cost?

Find the conditions for publishing eBooks here. If you want to make an update later, because you revised the content of the eBook, or created a new cover, you can do this at anytime.

How Much Money Can I Earn with My eBook?

80% of the net proceeds* paid to us stay with you and will be credited to your Feiyr account. You can request a payment of your income daily. You'll also find detailed sales information in the stats. For example, you can see in which shop and country your eBooks are bought most. In addition, you can also see live sales numbers of shops.

Where Can I Sell My eBook?

If you publish your eBook on Feiyr, you can offer your eBook in over 150 online shops worldwide for sale and thus have a huge reach. Of course there are the big online shops like Amazon, iBook Store, Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Google Play, Nook by Barnes & Noble and many more. Here you can see the entire list of our partner shops. If you do not want to supply a shop or a country for any reason, you can always exclude it.

Do I Need a Publishing House?

No, as a selfpublisher you do not need a publishing house. In any case, you have to specify a publisher's name and you can simply choose your desired publisher's name. But you do not really have to found your own publishing company (but of course you can, if you want). Popular publisher names are those in which your name appears, or the subject or genre you're in.

Please make sure not to mention a publisher you do not work with.

Can I Also Offer My eBook as a Printed Book or Audiobook?

Yes, you can also offer your eBook as an audiobook and as a physical book via our Print on Demand tool. Your book is then listed in the VLB as well as with the wholesalers (KNV, Libri and Umbreit). Thus, the entire book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as all online shops have access to your book. [Your advantage: The book is not printed until an order is received. You do not have high printing costs in advance.

Can I Sell My eBook on My Own Website?

Yes, of course! You can sell your eBook on your own website and in any other shop we do not deliver to.

Does My eBook Need a Minimum Page count?

No, there is no minimum amount. For eBooks in fact, there is no fixed number of pages, as they vary depending on the font size on the eBook reader or tablet. You can also have a look, which extent is customary in your genre or topic. In addition, the content should fit both the price and the title. A 500-page "quick guide" is not quite consistent.

Can I Publish My eBook with a Pen Name?

Yes, of course you can publish your eBook with a pen or artist name. You can also use multiple pen names, if you're writing books in different genres. But you should always make sure that your desired pen name is not already used. You definitely want to avoid someone writing erotic novels under the same name while you're a children's books author. You should also refrain from academic titles if you do not actually have one.

Do I Need an Imprint for My eBook?

Yes, according to the Telemedia Act you definitely need an imprint for your eBook, this is not a voluntary statement and is a must-have in every book and eBook. The imprint is also obligatory if you publish your eBook with a pen name, a simple e-mail address and the pen name are not sufficient. It must be ensured that the reader receives information about the author and publisher. If you have a pen name, you can alternatively enter your publisher's name.

Does My eBook Need an ISBN?

Yes, every eBook needs its own ISBN. If you publish a book and eBook, you need a separate ISBN for both, even if they have the same content and the same cover. You can either use your own ISBN or let us assign you one for free.

Who Determines the Sales Price?

The price of your eBook is set by yourself! At your desired price, your eBook will be offered in all online shops. You can also offer your eBook for free, or increase or lower the price later. You could do this for example if you want to start a price campaign before Christmas to increase your sales.

Can I Create a Free ePUB File of My eBook?

Yes, we at Feiyr offer you a free conversion to the ePub format for your eBook. All you have to do is provide us with your Word file and we will quickly convert the ebook into ePub format.

How Can I Advertise My eBook?

As an experienced digital distributor, we have many tips and tools for you. When you publish an eBook as an independent author, it's really important that you also promote it. Every year there are a lot of new eBooks on the market, so it is not enough, just to be online. We therefore offer you a many multitude of tools, e.g. press releases, Amazon and Facebook advertising, download codes, and eBook reviews. You can also get lots of tips on our book blog.
In addition, our qualified graphic design team will be there to help you with the cover creation, or promotional material if needed.
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