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Reach new fans and increase your music sales through radio promotion! Effective radio promotion persuades program directors at radio stations to play your song.
We cooperate with Germany’s best promotion agencies to get your songs played and heard on radio stations nationwide. If you are a musician or a music producer whose records are doing quite well through streaming and download - even better.

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Professional promoters get your music to the most important radio stations!

Why sampling is so important

An average German spends three hours daily listening to the radio. For this reason, it is important that your song is played on at least one of the 420 radio stations nationwide. The Music Promotion Network (MPN) and radio promoters are utilized to effectively deliver music to radio stations; in this way, your song is guaranteed to be heard by your target audience and become a hit. If you are a musician, one of the best ways to get your music out there is to get it played on the radio.

The benefits of radio airplay promotion

When you promote your music with Feiyr, you will receive support from internationally experienced promoters. You will get recommendations and relationship connections with promo partners from the media industry and music producers. Our radio promotion agency uses its expertise to your advantage to design the right promotion campaign for your music.

Sampling of radio stations

You can choose among several promo-packages. Depending on the package you choose, you can have up to four promoters who will pitch your songs to radio stations nationwide and take care of your interview requests. We will keep you posted on the progress of your radio marketing campaign and send you regular reports on the promoters’ activities. Besides, your release will be promoted on social media as well as on the promoter’s website. Regular newsletters will be sent out to promote your music. Of course, the MPN sampling is included.

References in promotion marketing

With a long-standing experience in the music business, our radio promotion team knows all the most important decision makers in the media and radio industry. Several artists rely on the expertise and the relationship connections of our music promotion partners. To name a few: Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee, Prince, a-ha, Anastacia, Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Gianna Nannini, Zucchero, David Garrett, DJ Bobo, Nino De Angelo, Christina Stürmer, Meat Loaf, Kylie Minogue, Gotthard, Bryan Adams, Scooter, Django 3000, Within Temptation, The Black Eyed Peas und Schiller.
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