The Easiest Way to Sell Your Music on iTunes: Feiyr

How long does it take you to write a song – months, or maybe years? Writing a song can be a difficult process. You need to work out the arrangement, write the lyrics, record the music, and fit all the pieces together in a way that is pleasing and makes sense to the listener.

Appearances count too, so you have your cover artwork designed by a professional graphic designer. Then you have to choose a name for your album too. How long should it take to write a song? However long it takes to get it right.

All the hard work pays off when you can finally release your album.
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Sell Music on iTunes

The Solution? Release and Sell Music on iTunes with Feiyr

Congratulations - it’s a master! Now, all you have to do is present your music to the public – easier said than done! No worries, we will show you how to promote and sell your music online successfully.
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The Classic Way

The classic way to distribute music is to sell CDs in record stores like Amazon. With Feiyr, you’ll have the widest physical distribution coverage possible. However, in the following article we will talk about our digital distribution service.

Feiyr & iTunes – A Brilliant Idea

A long time ago, it was quite complicated to release and sell music. Nowadays, any artist can easily release and sell their music, audiobooks or eBooks through Feiyr.

Release & Sell Your Music Successfully

In the past, it was quite hard for indie artists to sign with a record label. Through the digital revolution, access to the music market has become easy. As a self-publisher, you are the boss and can decide when and where your music will go live. When it comes to content, you have full freedom of expression. You no longer need to fight to get a major label record deal. Easy-Peasy!

Any artist can upload their music to Feiyr. No matter if it is an album, EP or single – anyone can upload music to their Feiyr account. At Feiyr, you can also choose the download shops and streaming services where you want to sell your music. After a short processing time, your released songs will go live on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and many more.
Each platform keeps a different percentage. However, in general download stores such as iTunes keep approximately 30% of the price paid by customers. The GEMA percentage is already included.
Long story short, Feiyr makes it easy for you to release and sell your music on iTunes!
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