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to publish and to sell music on iTunes

You just know it: you invested so much time in your own album, sometimes months, even years. You have worked a lot on the text, composed the music, professionally recorded, mixed and mastered the songs.
Also you put some thoughts into the appearance. A photographer was booked and you designed the cover and artworks for the booklet. The album title was worked out; the lyrics were proofread and inserted.
Or in other words, you put a lot of thoughts and creative work into your album!
It is obvious: after all this, your songs should be published, distributed and sold.
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Musik bei iTunes verkaufen

Die Lösung: Mit Feiyr.com eure eigene Musik bei iTunes veröffentlichen und verkaufen

Congratulations, the result of your work is lying right in front of you, in form of uploadable masters. The next step is to present your Music or your audio book to a broad audience. But how?

We want to show you your options to promote your music in times of the “Web 3.0”:
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Der klassische Weg

Zunächst einen Blick auf den klassischen Weg: Bestimmte Vertriebspartner sorgen dafür, dass die physische CD im Einzelhandel – darunter fällt auch der wichtige Anbieter Amazon – erhältlich ist. Auch den physischen Vertrieb kann Feiyr für dich prinzipiell bewerkstelligen. Im vorliegenden Artikel soll es aber um Deine digitalen Vermarktungsmöglichkeiten gehen.

Feiyr & iTunes – ein genialer Gedanke

Where it was very complex to publish and sell your music some years ago, feiyr.com shows that it doesn’t have to be like that. Every artist who has produced a professional
piece of music can upload his music, audio books, ebooks on feiyr.com and use the digital music distribution for his advantage.

Erfolgreich veröffentlichen und verkaufen

Realistically speaking you have to say that an unknown band – an act which approximately will sell less than 1.000 copies – will have a hard time getting a contract with such a distributor.
Even if they found a label first. Due to the problems the CD market has at the moment the distributors are forced to be very picky with the acts they actually contract.

But without having a contributor it is nearly impossible to see your CD in the shelf of entertainment retailers like Amazon, Virgin Megastores Those stores don’t work with small artists and only sell from distributors.

To present your music to customers your only alternative is to directly contact one of the 1234 independent music stores in the US. That’s the hard way.

Feiyr.com – so einfach geht’s

Every artist can upload his music on feiyr.com
Regardless if it is an album, an EP or a single. Directly into your band profile, without losing any copyright.
Including band information, covers, PayPal connection, and many other features. With feiyr.com you can chose which download portal
(i.e. iTunes) should be able to sell your music. Customers are able to buy your singles a few days after you uploaded your music on portals like iTunes and over 50 others.

Depending on the platforms you want your music to be available to the charges may vary. iTunes for example take about 30% of the price paid by the customer.

Summarized: Feiyr.com enables everybody to sell their music on iTunes.
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