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Feiyr is the perfect selfpublishing platform, to become a successful independent author! As a selfpublisher you can use all the possibilities of professional online distribution. We will make your selfpublisher experience simple and will provide you with everything you need to sell your eBook online.
We distribute to over 165 shops/retailers, including major stores such as Amazon, iBookstore, Weltbild, Apple, Tolino Allianz (Weltbild, Thalia, Hugendubel), Kindle and many more. Feiyr introduces your eBook to millions of potential readers worldwide. You as a self-publisher stay flexible and independent.
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eBook Self Publishing with Feiyr

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The Advantages of Self-Publishing

As an independent author, you have full control:

• Of course, copyright remains with you
• You're the boss: you decide the title, price, cover, etc.
• 80 % of the net proceeds* paid to us go to you
• You choose how many eBooks you write and publish

We are only entitled to place your title online in online portals such as iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Tolino Allianz, etc. on your behalf and make it accessible to millions of potential readers worldwide.

Self-Publishing Service Inclusive

Even as self-publisher you have to consider several things in the book business. Every book needs an
ISBN – Feiyr will get one for your. If you wrote your work in a word processing program like Word – no Problem.
We will convert your product into the formats ePUB and Mobipocket , so that your book can be opened on every eBook reader.
Thus, nothing should stand in your way to market your eBook online.

80% of the net sales* for the Selfpublisher

As easy, as the whole distribution of your ebook is, as easy is the moneymaking as self-publisher with Feiyr.
As author, you will get 80 % of the net revenues directly on your Feiyr account.
Thus, the self-publisher will not only get his right, but also his income.

A couple of easy steps to being a Selfpublisher

Self-publishing with Feiyr is fast and uncomplicated. First step is the registration. Create an user account, upload your text file and cover – and your way as an indie author will start with more than 165 online stores, that can offer your eBook. From uploading your eBook to being sold in online stores can be done in no time. A great advantage for you as an independent author, who publishes their eBook themselves.

Your own print book

You want to use all the different possibilities to market your book and you would like to offer your book in the stationary book trade? We can give you the chance to get your own book printed, bound and distributed and still remain an independent selfpublisher if you choose to work with our partner Nova MD. The digital book market has been growing constantly over the past years, however physical books have a long tradition and still have the highest market share.

Physical book distribution - Your advantages

Daily deliveries to the stationary book trade in the GAS region
Free ISBN – free listing in VLB
No shipping and handling costs, no warehousing fees
No monthly or annual fees, no return fees
Sales numbers in real-time in your Feiyr account
Monthly billing and payouts

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