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First priority

It is forbidden to upload or offer music, ebooks, audiobooks, or images via the Feiyr portal and your vendor account that you do not own the rights to.

All productions, remixes, cover versions, and texts that contain third-party material must have written consent from the respective rights holder, regardless of scope or length. (Even if you only use a few seconds or individual samples).

Due to the worldwide distribution through our service, it is likely that illegally uploaded content will result in legal consequences. This could mean significant costs and damage claims for you. Record companies and rights holders usually take strong action against such violations. As a pure digital distributor, you are solely liable before the prosecution authorities and rights holders.

In the event of a request from portals, partners, and prosecution authorities, we are obliged to pass on your contact details to third parties. To ensure that your data is correctly entered in your Feiyr account, we check it using a request for your mobile number and email address. In addition, we send you a PIN code by post that legitimizes your address. It is also necessary to provide a linked bank account or PayPal, etc.

Please note that by agreeing to the license agreement, you confirm in writing that all your data is correct and that all your music, ebooks, audiobooks, and physical products such as printed books or CDs are free from third-party rights and that you have the necessary rights for distribution.

If you take all of these into account, nothing will stand in the way of successful marketing of your products.

We wish you much success!

Your distribution team from
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