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Do I need a cover?

Yes, you do!

Without a cover, your song would not look appealing, and nobody would like to listen to it or to buy it. The more attractive a cover looks like, the better the music sounds ;-)
The best thing you can do is commission a professional graphic designer to create a cover artwork for you. Our graphic team can design your personal cover artwork -- in the dropdown menu of your account click “Bundles” and book a cover artwork for your CD.

The following elements are not allowed:

- “Incl. DVD”, “Contains Lyrics” and any other element that is not included in your digital version.
- “Digital Bundle” or “Exclusive Digital Bundle”.
- Web link
- QR Codes
- The name “iTunes” and its logo.
- “CD”, “DVD”.
- Price indications such as “Special Price” or “Lower Price”.
- References to physical products (e.g. “Media Markt Edition”).
- Pornographic images.

Please note:

- Only artists and/or titles included in the metadata of your release can be displayed on the cover.
- Your cover artwork must not be blurred.
- Pixelated photos are not accepted.

Data Requirements:

- JPEG with .jpg File Extension
- RGB (Standard Web Ad Format)
- 3000 x 3000 Pixel Minimum
- 4000 x 4000 Pixel Maximum
- Square Format
- 72 dpi min.
- Max. file size 10.0 MB
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