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Do I need a cover?

Yes, you need it !

A release without a cover will not work on the market. The more attractive your cover, the more attractive the release as a whole will be.

The best thing to do is to hire a graphic designer. The more professional the designer, the better.
You can also have us create a cover for you quickly and cheaply in your account under "Bundles".

Please note the following artwork and file requirements when uploading your cover:

Artwork requirements:

  • The cover artwork must not be blurred.
  • No noise, no pixelated artwork.
  • Additions such as 'includes DVD', 'includes lyrics' or other material not included in the digital version are not allowed.
  • Additions such as 'digital bundle' or 'exclusive digital bundle' are also not allowed.
  • Internet links or QR codes are not allowed on the cover!
  • The word 'iTunes' or the iTunes logo may not appear on the artwork.
  • No CD or DVD (or their logos) may be shown on the artwork.
  • No pricing or information such as 'special price' or 'low price'.
  • References to physical products (e.g. 'Media Markt Edition') are not allowed.
  • Pornographic images (even rudimentary) are not allowed.
  • Only artists and/or titles that are actually included in the track listing may be featured on the cover.

File requirements:

  • JPEG with .jpg extension
  • RGB (web display standard)
  • Minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Maximum 4000 x 4000 pixels
  • Square format
  • Minimum 72 dpi
  • Maximum file size 10.0 MB
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