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Important information about dance & electronic music portals

Please note that our streaming and download portals are all professional providers and only accept high-quality products. The quality of your products, especially the artwork, is particularly important. This means that you must provide an English artist and label biography, a label logo, error-free metadata, and high-quality photos of your product or artist.

This applies especially to specialized portals in the Dance/Electronic field such as Beatport, Juno Download, Traxsource, etc.

To increase your chances of success, we recommend that you create a label and artist biography in English and add a professional label logo as a matter of principle. Although you follow these tips, we cannot guarantee that your publication will be listed on the portals.

Ultimately, it always depends on the style and quality of your releases whether they meet the requirements of the portals.

Please always create your releases carefully and error-free and always check them before publishing them on the portals.

We wish you great success!
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