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Can I share my proceeds with others?

Yes, with Feiyr you can share your profits with other artists, musicians, authors, graphic artists, translators, editors or licensors of any kind. The royalty share invoice is fully automatic and you don't have to write a separate invoice. So you save a lot of time and nerves!

How does it work?
First you have to invite the person to be involved as a team member. This person will then receive an invitation to collaborate. If the person does not have a Feiyr account at this time, a code for free registration will be sent at the same time as the invitation. If the team member's Feiyr account is fully activated, you will be able to link your accounts and then set the profit participation for that person.

How do I set a share?
  1. First you have to create the person/service provider to be involved as a team member.
    Click here on "+Add Team Member" and fill in the form.

  2. Please note:If the person you want to involve already has a Feiyr account, you can enter the email address used to register the account.
    If the prospective team member does not yet have a Feiyr account, please enter the email address that the person intends to register with.

  3. After the invited person has accepted the invitation, you can specify their share here

  4. The participation is active when the person to participate has confirmed the participation in his or her Feiyr account.

What effect does a share have on statistics and billing?
The fixed share is automatically deducted from your revenue so that it has already been deducted in the statistics. So you can still see your generated revenue. The person involved gets all revenues from sales with profit participation clearly displayed in the statistics and billed to their Feiyr account.

Calculation example:
You give a team member 50% of the revenues of a title.
The title generates € 100 net revenue on the portals.
Feiyr retains 20%, i.e. € 20 as revenue share.
The remaining € 80 are automatically distributed to you and the team member's account at € 40 each.

Can I revoke a participation?
Anytime! You can unilaterally deactivate a participation at any time.

Do you have further questions about the participations? Then please contact our support.
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