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Can a cover artwork be rejected?

Yes, your cover artwork may be rejected.

The stores and streaming services have general guidelines and quality standards for cover art. If your cover artwork does not meet these guidelines, the stores generally reserve the right to reject your release.

In particular, sales sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Audible are very strict about compliance. It is therefore very important that you always use professional cover artwork for your releases.

Professional cover artwork should take into account the following aspects

  1. Resolution and size: The cover should have a high enough resolution to display well in different formats and sizes. It should be clear and sharp, with no pixelation or blurring.

  2. Image quality: The image used for the cover should be of good quality. It should not be blurred, distorted or of poor quality.

  3. Content guidelines: Cover images should not contain pornographic, violent, discriminatory or offensive content. They should also not use copyrighted material without the necessary permissions.

  4. Trademark guidelines: Avoid using brand logos or other proprietary marks in your cover artwork
    unless you have the necessary rights or licences.

By following these guidelines and using professionally designed cover artwork, you will increase the chances of your publication being accepted by the stores. If your cover artwork is rejected, you should revise it to ensure that it meets the stores' requirem
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