Stratosphere Jump gets official Song

“No Limits” by Jamayl Maleek is the song of the “Red Bull Stratos” world record attempt with Felix Baumgartner. Traunstein, July 31, 2012. On August 15, extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner plans to as-cend to the stratosphere with a helium-filled balloon and jump back to earth from an altitude of 36 kilometers. He would be-come the first human to break the sound barrier in free fall, breaking five world records at once. The song to “Red Bull Stratos” is called “No Limits”, written by Jamayl Maleek, and will be published through on the day of the jump. The video will be produced on location in the state of New Mexico and released at the end of August. Highest manned balloon flight, longest free fall, highest speed achieved in free fall, highest jump – the incredible “Red Bull Stratos” adventure is represented musically in Jamayl Maleek’s song “No Lim-its”. A two-time chorus for ascend and jump and a long outro for the 5-minute free fall from the edge of space are the cornerstones of the unconventional song, interspersed with original radio chatter of Baumgartner’s last jump from 22,000 meters in March, featuring his own voice and that of previous record holder Joe Kittinger. “My involvement in the Red Bull Stratos project came about through a real friendship between me and Felix Baumgartner, for which I’m very grateful,” says Jamayl Maleek, who incorporated stories from his own biography into the song. Maleek was born in 1984 as the son of a Serbian father and a German-Austrian mother and grew up in Swit-zerland. He discovered his musical talent at age seven and has been a musician since 1999. He has worked with artists like Xavier Naidoo & Söhne Mannheims, Mike Candys, DJ Sir Colin, Mr. Da-Nos and Christopher S. The video clip to the song will be produced during the jump on August 19 in Roswell, New Mexico and released two weeks later. Release Data Title: No Limit Artist: Jamayl Maleek Label: Profimusic EAN: 4250618755397