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Revel Core was founded to promote promising and established artists from the Pacific with their own music and compositions in Europe.

Revel Core's first compilation album "Pacific Jamz" was released in September 2011 as a free digital download , to introduce themselves as an Indie Record Label. This album includes 12 artists all from different Pacific countries with a very contemporary style.

On this album Allen Kedea aka AKay47 has also featured and he is the first artist to release a single on Revel Core!

AKay47 is a well respected Producer and DJ in the Papua New Guinean music industry. He has worked with some of the countries biggest acts throughout his career, as well as composing for documentaries, national & international events and advertising campaigns. He also produced for artists such as Justin Wellington, Oshen, Naka Blood and the 2010 winner of Digicel Star Greg Aaron.

Revel Core noticed his talent and were so eager to work with him that they decided to add him as the first ever artists on their roster.

Revel Core is determined to present him to Europe and the UK. AKay47 has all the quality to become a respected artist in Europe.

His background in music and sound engineering are invaluable for Revel Core and in the future they will definitely team up more to introduce more exceptional artists.

Amongst producing and spotting new emerging artists from the Pacific, Revel Core is slowly building up a name and network in the Pacific.

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