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RED POINT RECORDS is an independent record label who puts the focus on new media.

We live in a time where the Internet has become very important. Downloading music is one of the most used ways to purchase it. The music branch is constantly changing. You can tell by the changing number of the purchases of the fans.

More and more artists take it upon themselves to sell their own music or products, mostly through the Internet. For an artist it is not an attractive idea to have a partnership with record companies or publishers under the conditions of a strangling contract. The artist signs away his rights to his music and also gets a small percentage of the outcome. Technical development like the Internet make it possible for an artist to work and develop for themselves.

RED POINT RECORDS is the first label who works in favor of the artist. No strangling contracts and almost no loss of rights.
At RED POINT RECORDS we focus on the needs of the artist in a new way: The digital way.

We work together with international online music stores like iTunes, juno-download, beatport, and more ... to bring your music to the purchasers.

RED POINT RECORDS will soon begin with her own compilations, where unsigned artists can present their works. Through this way, selected artists can make their first steps into the music industry. More info will follow.


Willard Mellow

Willard Mellow

Jay Cavella

Jay Cavella


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