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The label NuketraXX record stands for innovative, creative and singular sounds mixed with full Beats. The idea to NuketraXX developed in the year 2000 in a small dwelling, in the deepest Thurgau in Switzerland. Those at that time as DJ active hobby producer seized the resolution their first studio in a converted stable to base. Over the years grew not only the technical equipment but also the experience in produce from creative and innovative sounds. That led to the fact that they after other artists and producers out look those are ready with NuketraXX record new projects to launch. The label founders Rolf Dürst (DJ Nice) and Urs Kappeler (Mr. UK) both the producer and artist at the same time are supplemental by the producer and DeeJay Herman Mohacsi (DJ Enemy). To the momentarily active Artists belong: DJ Enemy (CH), A.J.Crypt (CH), DJ Nice (CH), Mr. Nuke (CH), Halley Seidel (Brasil), 7 OF nine DJ (CH), Mr.U.K (CH)


Dj Nice

Dj Nice


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