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Mareba Music was founded in 2013 from DJ and music editor Marcus Rebok.
Marcus has been working as DJ for over twenty-five years and has a deep knowledge
of a wide range of music. Several years ago he started producing his own tracks.
On Mareba Music you will find tracks from MAREBO as well as from other artists.
We love discovering music!

Most important things for us:
For most people, music is one of life's great pleasure and fun.
Mareba Music produces and plays the combination of music you will enjoy most.
It can make you feel amazing and is great fun to listen and dance to.
We are on a mission to take our audiences on a tour of variety in music.
From "funky to deep", from "progressive to electro-lounge", no stone remains unturned
in our desire to move your feet and that you will enjoy our music.
We had fun making this music so we want you
to enjoy the sounds while your listening to our track.
Have fun and a good time.

Some words from Mareba Music:
My name is Marcus Rebok, I'm the label owner.
I work as a music editor for one of the biggest radio station in Germany.
So I know what people want to listen. I love making my own sound and
I don't want to compare myself with other artists who are always doing
the same sound. So every Mareba track is different.
Please feel free to send us your mixes and sounds.
But most important: enjoy the music!





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