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FenBer Music is the music label of the singer-songwriter Bert Fenber. Bert Fenber produces poprock songs. He has lived in the United States and in Francev and is German. The sound and appearance of his songs have an Euro-American touch. Bert Fenber`s music shows clear structures and is based on classical instruments like bass, drums and keyboard. His well performing voice comes over as an integral part of the melody-lines. For his recordings he gathers other musicians to work on and record his songs.The texts of his songs and therefore also his label circle around the topics of love, society, human failure and hope. Mostly the songs are recorded in the professional Starstreet Studio in Münster, Germany. He is not one of the many coming (and disappearing) young musicians. The typical picture of a poprock singer with dark sunglasses is also not his style. With a PhD in American studies and 20 years as a journalist for big media, he rather is an exception. His carreer as a musician as well as his songs are the product of matureness in later life. His label functions for any generation.


Bert Fenber

Bert Fenber



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