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Hello, my name is Christian!

I am a composer and multimedia technician with body and soul!

Every beginning is difficult! Getting here wasn't always easy. But I wouldn't want to change anything for the world. My willingness to learn and experience as a craftsman, service technician, PC specialist, sound engineer, multimedia technician, as a creative person, composer, photographer and much more have made me what I am today.


These two passions have been part of my life since I was 15 and are definitely my favorites from a technical point of view. I started to get involved with music and recording technology at a time when recording systems were still REALLY expensive and we dealt with things like analogue editing. Almost unimaginable today. A lot has happened since then – VERY MUCH. I play guitar and piano. The main focus was probably more and more on the recording technique. I never became a good musician that way. Sound engineer and composer yes - rumor has it ;-/ in circles of friends.

As an autodidact, I like to realize myself in most areas and attach great importance to quality, creativity and attention to detail. See also our detailed offer.



Christian Kössler (Bunter Hund)

Christian Kössler (Bunter Hund)

Christian Kössler

Christian Kössler



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