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Every and anything the Augsburg-based Italo- Canadian Tom Simonetti a.k.a. mycrotom has done throughout his 20+ years spanning exploration in sonic musings is somewhat, well... unusual and well different, in the most positive of all meanings, that is. Starting with him being involved in media- art, education projects or bands like Das Hobos, H and Rhytm Police, his app-focused approach to workshops for and lectures in music production, leading towards his love for 45 rpm records being played on a wrong, slower speed in his DJ sets.
Not to mention the influence of the Mongkong Music Network once co-founded by Simonetti many years ago. An ever growing, meandering network of friends, bands and music activists which makes a camo appearance in the albums catalogue number –mongkong music MKNG-01.



Worldwide mongkong music:



Munich - Import Export


Munich - Shutdown Radio Corleone Bar