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Travis Blacc is a rapper from Frankfurt/Germany. Inspired by many different artists. He created his own kind of flow/music by letting "his old self go". He describes himself as "different, different like a different person, like a different species".

"The product of hard work, might, strength and the will to never give up. we're always evolving so as i do. I want to take you with me through the past of my story. to get you ready for my future."

Hard work pays off is one of his mottos.never giving up. His grandmother's last wish was the best for him and a strong will as well, so his aim was to "make it outthere for her".

he started recording music when he was 13, but used to write songs when he was 9. His first songs aren't available anymore, but he still has them.

"I still got my old songs, they're really trash , but I like em, you know, like the evolution, you can really see and hear it. I invest all for this thing and i got a great team behind me, so the people will see that we are gonna make the people happy, so my grandma will look down to me with a smile , cause she know that i made it" .

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