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The Lemming (formerly known as Lemming ) started as a glam rock band. They scored several hits through the years. The most remarkable are :Lucifera, Father John and Queen Jacula. Father John even reached Top of the Pops in the UK.
These timeless song keep on fascinating every generation, even the youth of today.

Their shows were revolutionary for that time. They inspired and influenced lots of young people and bands. One can say that they opened the door to new way of performing and making music.

Although since 1975 the influence and importance of glam rock on the ruling music scene, was decreasing more and more, the band kept on touring with their very particular show till' the mid eighties.
Through the years the band evolved step by step from glam rock band to hard rock band and nowadays one can also say that they became more a pop rock band.

From time to time the band released a new single like "Ain't it bad" in 1998 that also got in the Dutch charts.
After that single it became a bit quiet, but not for long. In 2002 Wally Mckey officially restarted the band. From then on they also called them self "The" Lemming.
The reunion resulted in a spectacular new album "Worldwide" (2006), and a single "Time is Flying Away". This album stayed in the charts for seven weeks.
In 2009 they came as first European band with an Halloween album "Gotha's Halloween".
In December 2015 they surprised everyone with a new album "Songs For Sale".
In January 2016 they came with a new single "Ready to Love". This song was the result of a special collaboration. One of the world' s best base players, IAN BRECK STEWART, played the base, and top producer and drummer, HOWARD HECKERS on drums. He also took care of a complete reproduction.

The band members:
The original members are lead singer WALLY MCKEY, guitarist HARRY BROWN, base guitar TINNY DURRELL and drummer TONY GLOUDIE.
In 1974 MARTIN VAN WIJK joined the band . Martin also played in bands like Shocking Blue, and Jupiter.
In 1975 TINNY DURRELL was replaced by RENE TILL. Due to military services he had to leave the band very soon and was replaced by DENNIS LAMMERS (coming from Sfinx).

Multiple instrumentalist ALEX BROEKHART joined the band in 2002.

LISSA VERRA joined the band later on as backing vocalist. With her very particular and smooth gothic look she refreshed and modernized the image of the band and she reminds the audience at the same time of the early days.
In the mean time the remarkable guitarist and composer GUY RENARDEAU became a member too. His participation resulted in the fabulous remake of the traditional "House of the Rising Sun".
Wally Mckey and Tony Gloudie are the only original members that never left the band and are nowadays still part of it.
Some of the members also have their own professional career besides the band:
Wally Mckey has a very successful solo career.
Guy Renardeau is a well known film music composer. Some of his movies even got a Hollywood award.
Alex Broekhart is in daily life a successful composer.



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