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The Chemist's Apprentices are Maximilian Cope & Onofrio America aka Chiko aka The Willing Muffin, with the external support of the chemist Damien Ian O'Kane.
In May 2018 two individuals bumped into each other outside the Church of Saint George and Saint Thomas, where a communal acquaintance was performing music for a world cultural event.
Maximilian and Onofrio met and found out about some similar interests ad so they exchanged phone numbers and met after about a week.
In the beginning, they started to play with Ash participating in some of the events organised by the Indian guy. After a while, they decided that they could do more of the things they were both agreeing on: To create some different electronic dance music bringing in both experiences and ideas.
Max is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, computer graphic and animator and also a video and documentary director. Onofrio is a guitarist with a little great imagination and good experience on stage and a few live performances playing almost everything from rock to blues and from folk to dance music.
The ideas began to fly in the minute they started to meet in Maximilian’s studio in Dublin 15.
Here they are.
The Chemist’s Apprentices.




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