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Tom a guy from Southern Germany started off with music just like everyone else by trying and scratching on two Technics turntable.
In the mid 90's when the techno and trance community was rising to the top, he began his career as a DJ.

In his weekly record purchases he met Sascha Hockenmaier. Together they founded the project Trance Syndicate. Sasha had an important influence on his musical style. Early 2000s, the project was completed, and from now Tom was back on the road as a Solo DJ.

In 2013 he tried again to change his career positively with his project "South Germany Trance".
The best of Trance Music. As a Vinyl DJ, he mixes all the spectacular influences of the genre to an unforgotten moment.

Planet Trance, with the monthly episode on youtube he shows his knowledge and skills as a DJ.

Stay tuned for upcoming Releases on some of the most influential Imprints of the current electronic music scene.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases on promising moments of the electronic music scene.



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