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Skillshuut, Born in South Germany get his first Contacts to Music at the Age of 15 in the early Eighties. Miami Bass and Hip Hop impressed him just as Freestyle. After 6 Years playing on the Tables he found an old Release "OFF-Electrica Salsa" - today better knowing Artist Sven Väth. Sounds great but how to do that Sound by himself? Needs for PC and Drum Machines like Boss Dr660 Roland MC505 an MC909 will follow. "Be Old school, be different, get your own Sound" - get his consensus like Sound are in Front of His Creations.
After Years of develop his own Sound, today Styles changes from Breaks, House, DeepHouse, Minimal, Techno, Trance in every Track. But Breaks and Techno are his Preferences today. No he wants to enrich electronic Music with his own Skills and would like to learn more from others knowledge .


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