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RUMOR is a duo founded by Marco Platini and Elia Anelli, two boys born in 1991 from Lake Maggiore, who have been playing together since 2007. They write indie pop songs in italian and they play on stage like this: voice / bass / electronics + guitar / electronics.
They published two EPs (made in a trio with drums), "Prima" self-produced in 2010 and "Pois" for Rtf Records in 2014, the second with Sergio Quagliarella (Mamud Band, Kabikoff) as Artistic Producer. First singole’s videoclip "Iuvullai" extracted from "Pois" goes on Rockit premiere and in rotation on Rock Tv. In 2014 they won the Pending Lips Festival, a well-known contest on the Milan scene. They did hundreds of concerts, including a tour in Ireland in 2014 together with Dem Fools and throughout Italy with "L'Italia a pois tour" in 2015 and with "Ci facciamo un giro" in 2016. They shared the stage with artists like Niccolò Fabi, Marta sui Tubi, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Cloud Nothing. With the song "Il Grande Salto" they were finalists of Sanremo Giovani, broadcasted on 27 November 2015 live on national TV channels.
The new album "Ti ho visto ad alta voce", released on February 23, 2018 for Junkfish Records", contains 10 original tracks written, produced and arranged entirely by the duo.



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