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Rosi & Karl real name (Rosa Maria Nikolla and Karl Pinkel) are a team sing and compose their own songs together. About a professional music program they produce their songs on their own. In Facebook you page me there since 2013. Like her and have great popularity won her fans. Rosa Maria Nikolla began in 1987 with 18 years of a singing career under the name Morena. 1990 Rosi Self had at RTL in the show Buona Domenica as a soloist. She has also sung a record, titled Let me but dreaming. Karl Pinkel had in 1989 with 19 years a band called The Wild Angels. Unfortunately, both the career had been repeatedly prevented by private blows. 2013 lerbten Karl and Rosi know. was not only a wonderful relationship, but both have decided with her little home studio to start again and to realize their life's work through her acquaintance. Both sing their own songs. Rosi times sings alone, sometimes Karl or both together. Music styles are very diverse.




Flammenherz - Rosi & Karl
Tel: 01525 7387611


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