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Russ was born in 1973 in Arad, Romania and came to Germany with his parents in 1979. He grew up in Aalen and then moved to Stuttgart in the late 80s. He made his first steps in music production on the Amiga 500 already in the early 1990s. In 1994, Russ set up a music studio in Stuttgart with his friends. In August 1997 he finished his studio album "Paradise" off his's own bat: The release party took place in the Disco Toy in Stuttgart and the release with Pila Music was effected in December 1997.
Russ performed Liveacts at various Clubs in Stuttgart, at the G-Move Hamburg (1998), at the Zeche Bochum (2000) and at Planetlife at the Pro7 Studios in Munich (2001).
In 1998 Russ produced the Hip-Hop combo FLUTEWELLE together with the still active Hip-Hop artist Pawel Step (MC Step) and Viktor Rill (no longer active). FLUTWELLE dissolved after about 2 years.
Until 2004, Russ continued to perform and had collaborations with various DJs in Germany.
Russ's current project is the "Sound On - Your Daily Electroworship". Since August 2017, Russ has been producing a one-minute track based on the Bible's verse-of-the-day.
Russ is currently working on some of the minute tracks are finished to full versions.


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