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Nando Fortunato was born in La Louvière (Belgium) in 1978. Since he was 13, music has been his great passion. He took classes in music theory at music school during 3 years and wrote his first composition for a Belgian television channel (RTBF) at the age of 15. When he was 18 years old, he met artists such as Massimo Marino, Crisci Mauro and Meo Lorenzo and immediately fell in love with their trance-dance music. At the age of 20, he worked with Massimo Marino and released his recording "Brandy" on Mackenzie Mondo Music Label "Mackenzie Records" under the name "Fernando & Max".
As from 2000, other recordings have been released under the name "Fortunato Fernando, Hydrogen" and he has worked with "The Mackenzie" and "Virtual Zone". After he worked a few years in the night-life sector, he met Martinato Paolo "Paolo Di Marco" and came back with a new remix entitled "The Mackenzie ft Jessy - Innocence Rework 2006" and released under the name "Nando & Paolo Di Marco". He then created their own disc: "I'm Not Gonna Stay".
A few months later, he worked with Libertino Gallo via NetFm Dj Radio to create the remix « Innocence », which led to the release of a single. Over the years, other discs and remixes came out, and many videos, such as the "Innocent Tour 2008", were recorded at the "Groove Discothèque » in Fléron (Liège). From that time on, he used the stage name « N.PDM », and his remix « The Base Boys - Remix N.PDM » was ranked in the ultratop-dance.
Nowadays, he is in cooperation with the « Impact Club Select » in Mons and DJ Erik Resident, and their last remix entitled "Tokafun & DJ Erik (Impact) - Deep Club (Original Mix)" was released in March 2009. He also composed "I Wanna See You" in cooperation with "KYTEZO" and in featuring with "Tokafun" (N.PDM).
Other projects in cooperation with other DJs and labels are also underway.



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