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Urban electro/pop Trio
Members: Deborah Dégouts Seb & Myself

Deborah Dégouts: Post-Punk-Rocker and Pop singer, she has been raging since 2005, when for the first time she breaks the audience's "ears" of the legendary Party "PLUG" in Paris, with her amp bought at the "Carrefour" store and her guitar.
In solo or with her band, Deborah has rocked many stages from Paris to Bourges. Although she can appear or seem like nonchalant as a "punk doll", she talks about corruption, loneliness and impossible love (her remake of "Infernal femme fatale" of Alain Kan).
With her powerful trio she releases her first five tracks E.P. and concentrates on her vocal collaborations with the trio Myself Is Dead.

Sebchen Meline: Born in the 80's, Sebchen knows his first musical emotion with "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He has less than 5 years old, but already knows that music will be all for him.
A passion that led him to work for various music medias, before embarking on the adventure with Myself is Dead that will let him express his creativity and sensitivity.
His influences range from Nine Inch Nails, Soft Cell to Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode and The Knife.

Myself: In high school, Yom bought a guitar and an amp with the money his parents gave him to eat at the canteen. He works first in a melodic duet "Caroline perd son temps" (MAgic demo) then meets "Mrs. Mr." & "Carlos Dalton" with whom he formed the trio "RadioEdit", starting using Electro beats and waves.
The group became resident and "selector" for a monthly Party "Pop-In" in Paris, with a marked return to the Synth Pop and Hip Hop influences. The band split up.
Yom, now by himself, composes three songs in three days and creates the project "Myself Is Dead": DIY recordings and sounds mixed with "garage" influences.
From party to party, Yom will meet with Deborah and Sebchen with whom he collaborates very quickly.
Myself Is Dead is born ..




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