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Mr. Cracker brings the fun back into music!
In times of paralyzing fatigue as a product of the endless struggle to stick to Music as a serious business, they are headin’ the other way: The Way of Rock ‘n’ Roll. These four musicians from the dark north of Germany roam around on their quest to get people laughing, dancing and enjoying their
The whole thing started quite settled: In 2002, a bunch of well-behaved students decided to become veterans of Rock ‘n’ Roll all around their country.
Now guess what – it actually happened. So what could one expect today? An energetic live show which turns out different every time. The musicians take their obsession as light-minded and spontaneous as they are themselves. Except for the classic arrangement of Double Bass, Guitar, Drums
and Vocals, there is nothing really classic about their approach to Rock ‘n’ Roll. Mr. Cracker is suitable for anyone who denies the grey matter sometimes called melancholy. It’s about dancing, it’s about a good time. He who is seeking it, for nothing other than this, should be ready to experience a live show of Mr. Cracker. There are no more people behind the band then there are on stage – Mr. Cracker is entirely run by the four musicians you’ll see at a gig. After founding their own BGB company under the caption Mr. Cracker
Music GbR, there is no doubt that these guys do it all: Graphic design, website, recordings, press releases, blogging, videos and photos are entirely done on their own or with a little help of good friends. These efforts that stand for their independence are surely enough to not mark them as another part of the Rock’n’Roll Mainstream.
Mr. Cracker are doing live shows for over twelve years now. They played in Germany, the Netherlands, Swiss and France. A few examples are the Maiwoche and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hell festival in Osnabrück, Travemünder Woche, Geuzenpop Festival in Enschede, Holstenbrauereifest or the Alstervergnuegen in Hamburg. With an about 100 members strong street team which is eager to spread flyers all around their hometowns in Germany and a facebook following of above 5000
we’re not only able to market your event to a lot of people, but also to reach them on a more personal level than most traditional advertising.
We’d be happy to send you a promotional package right a way. If requested, it will contain an offer especially for you and your individual needs. Just contact us! In 2014, a new LP will follow our last release from 2012 called “Tanz mit mir”. Mr. Crackers music videos are available on our youtube channel, as the new ones will be in the future.



Tanz Mit Mir Ep

Tanz Mit Mir Ep
Mr.Cracker Music

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch
Mr.Cracker Music

Comin' Home

Comin' Home
Mr.Cracker Music


Booking · Michael Krogmann
+49 (0)173 / 8560539 ·
Origin Niedersachsen - Deutschland
Style Rock and Roll
Travelpartie 4 + Technician + Merch
Instruments Slap Bass, Drums, Guitar,
Vocals, Percussion
Fee according to prior agreement
(with or without PA and stage equipment)


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