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Professional DJ and producer for over 15 years , Mordax started his career at the beginning of the so-called House Music, and, since then, works and with this profession and makes from it its way of living, always studying and disclosing the electronic music. Mordax, has always fully lived music since his existence. He has always been fascinated by the sound that was produced by vinyl records, and started throwing mixes for school parties, this was happening right before inception of House Music.

Always aiming at being the best, Mordax soon set himself apart in his hometown of Anapolis, Brazil, and soon became the best DJ/Producer and Promoter, pioneering Raves in his region.

In 2004 he moved to Switzerland, where he soon became a resident DJ in a major Geneva nightclub, the Le Pretexte.

During his spinning residence at Le Pretexte he enhanced his musical production skills by successfully testing his own tracks with a high demanding audience like the European.

Having had difficulties to launch his own tracks in a fast growing MP3 market, he found a way to start-up his own label, cutting off the middleman to sell his own music.

Due to lack of producers Mordax had to launch several albums using code names such as Johnny Cypher, LexTrax, Strattor, Mane Diluxo, to name just a few, in order to compose the team SonicGrab Recordings. His productions are now Global, reaching over 350 sites that sell MP3 music.

Having had over 60 productions, launched in the first year alone of SonicGrab Recordings, Mordax has called the attention of several DJs and producers who now have teamed up with him for advertising and production, not to mention remixes for major Switzerland house music DJs .

His music has reached a new level by working with internationally acclaimed rappers and singers such as Big Ali, Dollarman and others that are still under production phase.

His vast 25-year experience with nightclubs and 10-year production expertise in production can be reflected on the quality of its DJ set arrangements that goes from tech-house to techno and also tribal and electro, always with well picked tracks creating a true world musical journey, taking the crowd to the ecstasy!



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