Artist Info

Miss Manoosh is a female artist living in the middle of Germany. She began as DJ Ela in the early / mid 90's at the famous radio show „HR 3 Clubnight“ and has been influenced by many styles of electronic music. Later she was named "Queen Ela" by a friend and party organizer on whose parties she was resident DJ for many years. From house to techno, she finds the dance floor and music of clubs like Stammheim Kassel a place of exploration and inspiration. Some years ago she found the name "Miss Manoosh" (Manoosh is a symbiosis of her first and last name) for her producing activities. Her love for the music drives her passion for production and she especially loves to do remixes.
The range of her preferred music styles goes from from Ambient / Soundscapes over Acid / House / TechHouse and Techno to Drum & Bass.





Heimat House Club pres. Tom Novy / Support by Chi / Special Guest Miss Manoosh