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Michael Moa is a singer, songwriter, plays guitar, keyboard, produces his music and studied at the German Pop Academy as a diploma audio-producer. The name Moa is an abbreviation of Berlin's Moabit district where Michael lived for several years. It all started at school where he was a DJ. Later, there were clubs and he founded his first band. Michael loves the sound of the 80s. At some point the retacular was called. Typical retrowave tracks are e.g. The time machine (debütalbum the dream gate) or Paradise1992 (album Nr.2 Paradise1992). Also the DJ has been preserved for example with Dirty Andrea (The Dream Gate). The main directions as a DJ move between House, Trans and Techno. While many productions go to safety and follow the mainstream, Michael is someone who likes experimenting. That is why his productions often sound different and fresh. Plays of more than 160,000 are achieved in some portals.



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