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Lowpaz is Thomas Jäger.

He was born in Bremen and grew up in a very musical family.

In his early childhood he discovered the piano from his mother.
A very old instrument which was played for generations in the family.
After exploring the instrument for some years it wasn't enough anymore.

Because he learned auto didactically without saving his ideas to notes traditionally,
he searched for other options.

After some experiences with ping pong tape recording technics he
decided to buy the first computer to expand the possibilities.

The first contact with computer based arranging was in the eighties when
he started to compose tracks on the commodore c64 and amiga by
using midi and tracker based software.

The next big steps were the change to personal computer & then finally
to apple macintosh systems .

On this machines he worked on sequencers like
Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Presonus Studio One and Ableton Live.

Thomas Jäger composed and produced tracks for bands
like Attention, Wild Style Crew, Body Conflict and Felsenfest.

As a member of the Wild Style Crew he was able to perform live during a contest
in Bremen.

In 2013 he was able to release his first Chillout CD „Another Life“
with an awesome support from Petra & Norbert Krüler (Shamall).

Today he works in his own Studio in Bremen.



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