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LeGmo (Alexey Slobodchikov) - the DJ of new modern generation, child prodigy Progressive of music! The basic functions - creation and manufacture of own compositions of podcasts and mixes! He always chooses only fantastic releases of music, periodically mixing them with exclusive works left of under his hands, it helps, will be allocated LeGmo from crowd of other DJs! The basic direction of creativity it is adapted on the western public and Europe is more concrete! LeGmo by manufacture of the sets uses a new dance music which became claimed on many dancings of the whole world, and took in the lead positions in many charts well and which is pleasant also to it in particular! As in its mixes which exclusive works are used aren't present on releases many. Its sets and promo-mixes occupy топовые places on many a podcast of resources, such as iTunes, Beatport and many other things. For the early age he already has had time to achieve on true of adult sounding, as sets and tracks. Its podkas-shows leave every week in the night from Monday to Tuesday, hooking more and more listeners in a coin box.

It is a lot of forces and time leaves on creation of each new mix, therefore LeGmo always tries to use the best efforts to receive the maximum attention of listeners and support of colleagues of musicians!
LeGmo for today the youngest progressing DJ own label Licramon Records also lets out music almost in all large shops as on vinyl and CD.



Tel. +7 921 324 50 90


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