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is not unknown.Ggrown up describes the development of his music productions.
The drummer was already enthusiastic about music in the early 1990s. After his time on skateboards and at punk concerts, he started playing vinyl.
But initially HIP-Hop based on the technique of DJing was on the curriculum.
At some point, however, he could no longer move his ears away from electronic sounds and started listening to records by Emanuel Top, Thomas Schumacher and many more. the first steps on electronic soil. Timmy T. was born.
Having left the first gigs behind, older, more mature, a new name was needed.
Timmy T. became Timo Manson around 2002.
In the meantime the international trip had also begun. He still loves techno, but with age came a love for melodic sounds. Studying to become an audio engineer also gave me the opportunity to play melodies and implement them technically.
2015 was a creative low point, the thought of giving up music and DJing was omnipresent. The studio was closed down and the hardware was packed into the basement. But that shouldn't be the end.
Corona was the timer for a new beginning.
Suddenly it wasn't just techno in the studio, but also melodic music was often the end result without a plan as to how it should fit into the Timo Manson concept.
The New Plan = An additional artist name
In 2020, KlangCharacter was the project name of the melodic side of the now forty-eight-year-old artist.
There is no end in sight yet - on the contrary, you can already look forward to a new journey in the world of electronic music, as planning for an album and a tour is already in the works. It is going to be a party.



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