Artist Info

Kaycien Grey is the artist of the single "On the Dancefloor" released in 2017 and the MP3 album "Chillout Tracks (Endless Summer)" released in January 2019. The Kaycien Grey projects come from the genre EDM - Dance & Chillout. The songs are produced by Michael Link (Hanau). The songs are available in almost all online music markets (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, ...) and streaming services (Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, ...).



Okt. 2019 - Release of the Album Chillout Tracks (Endless Summer) at Dance All Day (was moved from youTunez, 1st Release of the Album was in November 2018).

Nov. 2019 - Release of the EP "On the Dancefloor" at Dance All Day (was moved from SpinnUp, 1st release of the single was in May 2017).



Release of the Album Endless Summer - Chillout Tracks (Kaycien Grey)


Release of the EP On The Dancefloor (Kaycien Grey)