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Kalap was formed back in 1999, as a result of many jam sessions going on in Cipko's garage which was at the time a meeting/rehersal space for many bands from Skopje (Fluks, Nemost, Superhiks to name a few). The band's initial setup hasn't changed since the beginning, with occasional guest performances, since they have always been open to collaboration. For a while they were joined by Daro and Dime-Truba (Superhiks).

After four years of continuous evolution and tireless rehearsing, they decide to record their first LP in 2003 with Alen Hadji-Stefanov, but it will take another 3 years until the record gets released. Shortly after the recording Lepi decides to go to Vienna and study jazz and is later joined by Cipko at the same conservatorium. Luckily, they both return to Skopje and start working intensively on new tracks and finding a record company to publish the material.

In 2006 the band signs a deal with E GO EAST Records and finally releases the self titled LP (Kalap - eng: Mould) with the help of Nenad Nedelkov - Nele. For the cover of the LP they choose an artwork by artist - printmaker Andrej Marjanovic. The record was mastered by Zlust i Zlust.

Their style has been described as progressive rock, instrumental, very hard, very loud , with quick rhythmical and harmonic changes!



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