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Matthias Hartwig aka Jimmy de le Mar has been in the music biz for over 30 years, first as the guitarist of the group ‘Glenn Copulation‘, which achieved a respectable success in 1985 with the single ‘Nuklear Party‘ and after its breakup in 1987 as a DJ.
From 1997 to 2005 he ran the JGM production with his bandmate Andreas Ohme (Batglenn), which wrote and produced songs for many artists and was able to achieve top positions several times in the MP3 platforms (predecessor of today's streaming service).
In 2014 Jimmy de la Mar launched his first self-composed and produced song ‘Deep Love‘, which was released worldwide. Since then, Jimmy de la Mar has released 20 songs and one album. His tracks come from the genres: Vocal, - Deep, - Commercial, - Tropical-, Soul- and Disco House as well as EDM.





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