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It all started in a friends basement back in 1999.
Two turntables and a mixer with a couple vinyls. It was a wild time thats for sure.
In the same year I bought myself my first deejay setup.
In 2002 I finally grew into an legal aduld and it was possible to play in clubs.
There were 2 clubs in my local area where I played as resident almost every weekend.
We also organised some crazy house parties at a friends house when there were no other events.
Around 2004 I bought myself a pc and started playing around with "Propellerheads ReBirth RB-338".
In 2010 I got my first remix release (on my old aKa Digital Dude) on "Kraftstoff Records" for the song "Nobody Likes The Records That I Play" from "Alex Hilton".
Two years later my first single "Uplifted" was released on the same label.
Around 2010 - 2013 I played almost every weekend together with "Franky B" in several clubs in Germany. Around that time we started a producer collaboration called "Nordlicht".
Around this time I was spinning the records for "Techno 4 Ever" on there online radio station.
In 2015 I mainly produced other artists and dropped one sinlge on "Tackle Records".
From now on I am planning to make more music again for myself. So stay tuned! Peace



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